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Rashad Becker & EnaDE/JP

Rashad Becker & Ena<sup>DE/JP</sup>
Rashad Becker & Ena

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Rashad Becker and Ena merge their unique, highly technical angles on abstract electronic music to create organic compositions in constant, pulsing motion. Tapping into their varied backgrounds as producers and their own curious personalities, together the artists centre the physical presence of sound in performance.

Well known for his detailed work on techno, dub and house recordings for Dubplates & Mastering, Rashad Becker has mastered over 1600 artists' music into full-body physical experiences of sound. Unsurprisingly, Becker's own compositions share his complex and precise visionary approach to mixing and mastering—the difference is that on his own releases, his artistic presence is more intimately felt and mercurial, emerging through an emotional rollercoaster of sonic manipulation. Along with his own releases, Becker has collaborated with a long list of contemporary artists. An integral part of shaping experimental electronic music in Tokyo for over a decade, Ena's evolving sound as a producer has spanned dubstep, electronica, drum’n’bass, abstract hip hop and even J-Pop. His solo music can vary from melodic ambient into textured dissonance, distorted fuzzes of percussion, crackles and throbs of electricity and whispered melodies. Rashad Becker and Ena first met at Berlin's Atonal festival in 2016, where they merged their shared precision and quest for distinctive sound by building an 8-channel sound system to perform a piece by Karlheinz Stockhausen the following year.

The duo recently performed a riveting, freewheeling set of fascinating frequencies at MUTEK Tokyo last fall, and come together again in Montréal, where they'll permeate space and alter perceptions with their multi-channel arrangements.


PAN, Field Records, 7even Recordings, Samurai Horo


Becker : Traditional Music of Notional Species Vol. II (2016), Ena : Bridge (2018), Divided : Body (2017)


Becker runs Berlin-based studio and label Clunk and is a mastering and cutting engineer at Dubplates & Mastering. Ena has a production resumé that traverses abstraction to J-Pop