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Rafael Anton IrisarriUS

Rafael Anton Irisarri<sup>US</sup>
Rafael Anton Irisarri

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Rafael Anton Irissari is considered to be one of contemporary ambient music´s most celebrated artists worldwide. His work is predominantly associated with post-minimalist, drone and electronic music, exploring textural aesthetics, characterized by dense layers of reverb and delay, which suggests a more cinematic approach.

His compositions are deeply emotive and epic wih performances in different types of contexts such as museums, churches, synagogues and non-conventional spaces, which highlight the physicalty of his sound.

His performances combine an array of heavy metal bass amplifiers, multiple loudspeaker configurations, synthesizers, bowed guitars, notebook computers, video images, and lighting. Irisarri’s recorded works are widely published internationally, made available through Ghostly International (USA), Morr Music (DE), Room40 (AU), and Umor Rex (MX), among dozen other labels.


Ghostly International, ROOM40, Umor Rex


El Ferrocarril Desvaneciente' (Umor Rex 2018), ´Sirimiri` (Umor REx 2018)


Irisarri is also known as the main member of electronic music act The Sight Below, signed to American label Ghostly International.