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Project Pablo<sup>CA</sup>
Project Pablo

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Project Pablo’s newly minimal west coast house uplifts, drifts and dominates a room, its beats roaming through sustained chunky chords and melodic synth oddities alike, untroubled percussion and delay disturbed bass.

Starting out as a producer in Vancouver, Patrick Holland naturally fell in with the relaxed house vibes of underground label 1080p, which began its vinyl series with an EP of three cuts from Project Pablo’s tape-only album I Want to Believe, plus a new tune stacked with disco bass, strings and guitar. In a co-production with Wolfey, he veered straight onto the dancefloor with a percussive arrangement of acid-synth power chords, deep vocals and steady kick drums. A move to Montréal brought more collaborative projects and EPs that saw Project Pablo experimenting with a balance of melodic experimental techno and hi-fi minimal house made for big rooms. A collaboration with Brooklyn-based producer Max McFerren as 2 Responsible lead to adventures in outsider house that open a prismatic inter-dimensional door on underground dance music. As Jump Source with Francis Latreille, the duo went analog and modular in the studio, riffing and layering vocal samples and synth chords over hooky house basslines. And in Rest Corp, Project Pablo and Khotin dive into dub-addled arpeggiated house, heavy basslines and intense filters.

On the heels of releasing a new EP of darker-edged exploratory techno rife with gleaming hooks and ample bass, Project Pablo returns to MUTEK with a brand new live set on the MTELUS main stage, unlocking his love of electronic sound purity within his natural high-energy momentum.


1080p, Verdicchio Music Publishing, Technicolour, Let's Play House, Hybridity Music, Royal Oak, Magicwire


Low Wings EP (2019), Come To Canada You Will Like It (2018), There's Always More At The Store EP (2018)


Recently founded label VMP (Verdicchio Music Publishing), runs label SOBO (Sounds of Beaubien West) with Sebastian Cowan of Arbutus Records, and co-runs the ASL Singles Club label and collective with Devin White

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