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Pōe stimulate multiple senses with his resonant experiments in deep house. Taking cues from nature, science and meditation, he blends his own voice, relaxed lyrics and acoustic instruments into his laid-back electronic mix.

A pianist and guitarist from a young age, Masse took inspiration from video game sounds and taught himself to produce electronic music using 909 samples and drum machines. His tastes quickly changed from trance to techno and house, working in Ableton and incorporating samples from his compositions on acoustic and electronic instruments. Part of Montréal deep house, tech and techno collective Husa Sounds, Pōe has collaborated with collective founder Adam Husa on tracks, podcasts and events, including the acid-edged Syntonic EP. Occasionally as Pōe, though more so under the name Peter Warnet, the artist veers away from pulsing rhythms and into lush ambient excursions inspired by the natural world and acoustic instrumentation. Inspired by Pōe's vocals and clever synth grooves on his recent, Through Glass, German producer HOSH released the track on his fryhide label alongside his own remix, with a faster pulse and stronger focus on Pōe's vocals.

In 2018 at Montréal's art-technology hub the Phi Centre, Pōe turned a Husa Sounds residency live set into his season-spanning, nature-inspired album The Harvest. At MUTEK this year, Pōe brings his free flowing organic vibe outdoors with a new live set.


fryhide, Husa Sounds, Magician on Duty, Suprematic Sounds, 8day


Through Glass (2019), When It Rained Endlessly (2018)


He runs Montréal-based audiovisual production company pō (Peace Over Ego Digital), producing video, music and photography