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A flagship artist from Montréal’s electronic music scene since the late nineties, Jean-Patrice Rémillard (alias Pheek) has racked up an impressive discography, on top of founding his own acclaimed label, Archipel, through which he has advanced many fledgling talents. Having always cultivated a penchant for musical improvisation and a proclivity for brooding techno, Pheek was among the earliest proponents of the netlabel, routinely issuing singles and EPs as mp3s, on such early web imprints as Thinner, Epsilonlab, and Clever Music. As the years pass, Pheek's mix of the minimal and experimental sides of techno has grown increasingly distinct, while the artist has also rekindled a longstanding passion for deep, dubby textures. Since presenting his unsettling ambient audiovisual techno project Climat at MUTEK 2013, Rémillard has cofounded Cilo, a cassette sub label devoted to experimental dub permutations, with fellow MUTEK artist Réservoir. And earlier this year, he released the echo and reverb drenched Tones of Void, an atmospheric live recording whose individual tracks are named after Canadian rivers. Rémillard brings his environmentally imbued sound design to the festival for a night of contemplative hisses and deep listening.