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[CANADIAN DEBUT] Releasing music since 1999, Olivier Lamm and fellow showcase guests Gangpol Und Mit belong to a growing trend in the French electronic underground to subvert the highbrow 'adult' tendencies of electronic music by making dance music expressly for children. That's not to say that this is children's music, but it does freely employ nursery rhymes and the bells and whistles of toys among its numerous sound sources. But O.Lamm's audiences are wide-eyed adults, attracted to the deft skill with which this producer cuts up, manipulates, and rearranges these high-octane samples in order to create what we only barely recognize as modern dance music. 2006's Monolith constitutes O.Lamm's fourth album, though this reclusive producer also has one more album out under the alias Odot Sings.

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