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Nokami + Sans SoleilCA

Nokami + Sans Soleil<sup>CA</sup>
Nokami + Sans Soleil

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Nokami is one Eric Fillon, a video performance artist operating in the visual media and communications panorama. His artistic approach is influenced by his extensive travels to several continents. The canvas of the images he expresses tend to reflect human emotions based on cultural values where ancient traditions meet with the present, to clash and become harmonious in the now. Toronto-based visual artist and producer Michael Trommer (aka Sans Soleil) has recorded for cult electronic labels Transmat, Wave, Instinct and Dakini among others. Always forward-thinking, Trommer consistently glides effortlessly between several disciplines, whether creating gallery-based installations or pursuing his interest in environmental field recordings. For the ninth edition of MUTEK, the long-time collaborators will present “Semiosis”, an intriguing and ambitious project that has the lofty aim of conceptualizing a new visual language through the common computer.