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Neo Edo

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Neo Edo remains a complex entity to try and review - not only are there no traces of music or live sets available online, but because Montréal's Neo describes themselves as the "interdimensional being serving as a “window” or an intermediary to the universe of Neo Edo". With a deep thematic interest in transhumanism, dystopian realities and hyper-consumerism, Bertrand pulls inspiration from cyberpunk aesthetics like the Laboria Cuboniks collective, William Gibson's Neuromancer novel, and Kodwo Eshun and Mark Fisher's mid-90's work in the Cybernetic Culture Research Unit (CCRU).

While no digital trace of Neo Edo live sets online (reminiscent of the days where rave information would only be available by a phone number for those in the know), Neo's sounds are well familiar to a network of those who have experienced multiple sets at local Montréal venues such as Blizzarts, Casa Del Popolo, and a fair share of unmarked warehouses. 2019 landed them a performance at the converted Hotel Printemps in the city center of Paris, while they simultaneously worked as an artist in residence. Composing new music and an ambisonic virtual reality experience alongside Montreal cultural collective, which was exhibited at Château Éphémère.

Now, emerging into the spotlight at MUTEK 2020 for the first time with a debut live set, Neo Edo is set to lay bare the ghosts of their life, with deconstructed club rhythms that resonate through the digital multiverse, and reverberate throughout the new decade, into the future.


Montréal based producer and DJ, the human component of the multi-dimensional electronic live act, Neo Edo.