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Murcof with xx+xy visualsMX

Murcof with xx+xy visuals<sup>MX</sup>
Murcof with xx+xy visuals

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NORTH AMERICAN DEBUT Unquestionably one of Mexico’s most high-profile electronic composers of this decade, Fernando Corona has been working as Murcof since his 2002 debut, Martes, emerged on the Mexican label Static Discos. The album was quickly picked up for international release by the large British independent imprint Leaf, which has also released Caribou, Four Tet, and Colleen. Murcof specializes in a moody variation of ambient techno that focuses on the dark and subliminal timbres of the genre. His subsequent albums, namely 2004’s Utopia, 2005’s Remembranza, and 2007’s Cosmos, have earned Corona an international following for his distinct interplay between the modern classicisms of Arvo Pärt and Brian Eno and the eclectic electronic sounds of modern Europe. Simply put, Murcof’s music aims for beauty without sentimentality. For this evening, Murcof will be performing with the Italian visual duo xx+xy, who will use video creation methods to amplify sound through pure abstraction and dynamic feedback, thus bringing to “Cosmos” an unprecedented, all-encompassing atmosphere.