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Meitei, the Hiroshima based experimental composer, was influenced from the tranquility and traditional Japanese mood while growing up with his grandmother, his music and art are driven by bringing back what he believes is fading away from the Japanese society generation after generation, what he names as “the lost Japanese mood”.

His last album is dedicated to his recently passed away grandmother, a woman he saw as a representation of Japanese beauty, tranquility and sophistication that is slowly disappearing, With meandering piano loops and hypnotic sounds as landscapes, incorporating nature into music, he is trying to reverse that trend as he says “I want to revive the soul of Japan that still sleeps in the darkness”.

Strongly influenced by Japan’s 80s/90s ambient, pastoral sample and hip-hop artists such as J-Dilla, combined with a range of electronic elements, Meitei takes you into a hypnotic journey to the past while managing to stay contemporary.


Japanese ambient composer based in Hiroshima , Meitei


Komachi (Métron Records, 2019)


Composed as individual sonic dioramas, each of the twelve tracks in his latest album Komachi have been crafted to not only evoke feelings of nostalgia but to also explore the dichotomy of ancient and new in modern Japanese society.