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Matthew Dear's Big Handsus

Matthew Dear's Big Hands<sup>us</sup>
Matthew Dear's Big Hands

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[CANADIAN DEBUT] From the now-classic 2003 album Leave Luck to Heaven to 2005's striking Suckfish (as Audion), Michigan's Matthew Dear has spent the better part of the last five years redefining what techno means to North America. Now this bona fide international superstar returns to the MUTEK stage for two very special performances. His first appearance coincides with the launch of his brand-new album, Asa Breed, and for this showcase Dear will be performing with a live band, known as Matthew Dear's Big Hands. As has become the norm with all of his projects, Asa Breed once again pushes the producer into new and adventurous territory, offering a muscular foray into electronic pop music. This special stage show will reflect that that irrepressible energy: Matthew Dear's Big Hands is punchy and upbeat, featuring Matthew Dear on vocals and computer, Mark Maynard on drums/percussion, and John Gaviglio on bass and back-up vocals.


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