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Machine Woman

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Anastasia Vtorova, better known as Machine Woman, is a musician and producer currently based in Berlin. Born in Russia. She grew up listening to 90s dance as well as Metallica and Slipknot, whose performative approach, characters, and masks would later inspire her own visual aesthetic. She later moved to the UK, spending time in Manchester, Nottingham, and London where she studied at Goldsmiths and Westminster and played in noise and experimental bands. Today, Machine Woman is a prolific and fast-working music producer, often creating tracks in a matter of hours. She is part of Keychange, an international campaign pushing for equal gender representation in music festivals. She is also known as a tireless champion of fellow musicians and producers whom she promotes via her monthly Rinse FM mixes. Meanwhile, her playful titles including I Tattooed Tech House on my Butt and But It Was Like 30 Intros in a Row demonstrate her sense of humour and refusal to take herself—or her industry—too seriously.

In this exclusive performance created especially for MUTEK Montréal, experimental ambient sounds are shot through with diverse and intriguing sound recordings—the ocean, the subway, late-night conversations—collected by the artist during her travels in Russia, Canada, Europe, and Asia.


Berlin-based musician and producer Anastasia Vtorova, also known as Machine Woman


NOORDEN, DFA, Ninja Tune, Technicolour Recordings, Jheri Tracks, Take Away Jazz Records, Peder Mannerfelt Produktions, Tesla Tapes, Sacred Tapes


Remixes Machine Woman compilation (2018), RA Special: When You Think of Yourself as a Machine, You Become a Machine (2018), When Lobster Comes Home (2017)


Machine Woman makes music almost every day, completing her tracks in as little as an hour. Using just her phone and headphones, she can do this anywhere; including on the bus.