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Le désert mauveFR+CA/QC

Le désert mauve<sup>FR+CA/QC</sup>
Le désert mauveFR+CA/QC

Le désert mauve, Gabrielle HB and Charline Dally use soft audiovisual synthesis to provide delicate experiences that oscillate between fluid landscapes, neverending views, and microscopic dances. They develop slow, subtle progressions that erode notions of time.


The duo of sound artist Gabrielle HB and multidisciplinary artist Charline Dally.


Charline Dally: Chaud maintenant II (2019), le phénomène de l’instant présent (2019); Gabrielle HB: Documents:champs (2019), "résistances" (2019)


In addition to her academic background in the visual arts and graphic design, Le désert mauve's Charline Dally boasts training in self-hypnosis as a creative tool from Gaïté Lyrique (Paris).