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Kelly Moran<sup>US</sup>
Kelly Moran

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A fully trained performing artist and musician, Kelly Moran´s artistry spans from classical, electronic, minimalist, jazz and metal genres. Moran has self-released several albums including ¨Optimist¨ in 2016 and, just a year after, the highly acclaimed ¨Bloodroot¨ on Telegraph Harp, which was listed by the New York Times as one of the ¨25 Best Classical Music Recordings of 2017¨.

In 2018 she signed to Warp Records releasing her new album ¨Ultraviolet¨ which has already been praised by New York Times, Rolling Stone or Pitchfork among others. The album is more rooted in improvisation compared to her past works and was solely engineered and produced, as her other works. In addition to her solo work, Moran is also the keyboardist in Oneohtrix Point Never´s new touring ensemble.
In her compositions and perfomances, Moran combines electronic music techniques with the John Cage-pioneered technique of the ¨prepared piano¨ which consists of altering a piano by placing objects on or between its strings, creating a unique "electro-acoustic hybrid instrument”.

Warp Records


"Ultraviolet, Warp (2018) Bloodroot, Telegraph Harp (2017)"


Moran has a degree in Performing Arts Technology from the University of Michigan, studying piano performance, sound engineering and composition.