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"ioio" is a generative music project by the sound artist Mikel R. Nieto based on "no input mixing board" digital. This process became known thanks to Toshimaru Nakamura's work in the late 90's. The system basically consists of the use of "feedback" generating an internal feedback that being a non-linear process is very difficult to control.

In 2004 Nieto began working in a digital environment with this same "no input" system and later in 2015 he published the first album with his first works "Early Works" (2004-2009). In the same year and in collaboration with the artist Blanca Rego they created the project "Computer Music Studies". In this project, Rego translated the sound into visuals, making it possible for us to see it exactly what we hear, without any arbitrary process.

In this concert Nieto will present a series of works produced in recent years and a more electronic cut, with syncopated rhythms and textures of this generative system. This music has been described as "music from machines to machines".

Mikel R. NIeto will perform at the AMBIENT 2 programa at Phonos (UPF-Poblenou) on Friday March 6.


Spanish sound artist and father, Mikel R. Nieto


In the last year he has published two albums on the collaborative label "Co-dependent".