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Ikram BouloumES/MA

Ikram Bouloum<sup>ES/MA</sup>
Ikram Bouloum

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Ikram Bouloum is an artistic force that points in many directions. From Moroccan parents and born in Torelló, Ikram has been living in Barcelona for almost a decade, where she has begun to develop her artistic facet as a producer and DJ, playing in most of the city's clubs and festivals (Nitsa Club, MUTEK, Club Marabú, Loom, Voodoo Club, etc.). In the last year Ikram has participated in events in the Madrid scene with sets in events such as the Festival Gelatina, La Casa Encendida and the Cha Cha or Chica parties.

Her "sound literacy" sessions are conceived as a form of narrative that travel through territories as little explored as contemporary; Her club utopia is a polyphonic space where many voices are represented at the same time.
Ikram is characterized by her mix of hybrid club, deconstructed and energetic rhythms, moving comfortably between genres such as gqom, tarratxo, reggaeton, dembow, and bass music.
As part of the Play program at the Fabrica Estrella Damm, Ikram Bouloum will present her first live show, a project presented by MUTEK in collaboration with the "MUSE, A New Wave in the Mediterranean" program, promoted by the Consulate General of Italy in Barcelona.

Spanish DJ and Producer Ikram Bouloum Sakkali


Ikram is also part of the renovated Vol room in Barcelona, ​​where she uses the party space to experience, learn or find her ideal club form, either from a more sensory experience or as a thought.