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Ignacio AyerzaAR

Ignacio Ayerza<sup>AR</sup>
Ignacio Ayerza

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He began his development as a visual artist in Bosque Sin Trees, an experimental and visual electronic music project together with Tomás Bonilla in 2013. Together they formed part of the TRRUENO collective, exhibited installations at the Casa del Bicentenario, and went on to do a residency there in CaSo and exhibiting at the Night of the Museums. Then they presented SPECT at the Chien Noir gallery and an installation at the Praxis gallery with Köstume.

He was part of Aurié as a visual artist, an experimental shamanic techno band from the Buenos Aires scene, and collaborated as Vj de Coghlan and Yordi with Jota. In January 2019, he was the VJ of Nicola Cruz at his presentation in Buenos Aires. He currently works as a visual artist for the Neuen label where he is Vj de Duki. Occasionally he also designs and performs visuals for Ysy A, Modo Diablo, C.R.O. and also Khea in the framework of the BATrap and Lollapalooza Argentina 2019.

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