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Henrik SchwarzDE

Henrik Schwarz<sup>DE</sup>
Henrik Schwarz

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One of the leading proponents on the contemporary house scene of blending old and new, German producer Henrik Schwarz has not been shy about bringing elements of European jazz to the electronic circuit. Schwarz’s career got underway in 2002 with singles on boutique labels such as Moodmusic and his own Sunday Music. In 2006, he broke through to the upper ranks of electronic music with his installment of the popular DJ Kicks series, not to mention an appearance at MUTEK Montreal. There, he showcased his broad love for a number of rhythmic styles, deftly mixing the likes of James Brown, Marvin Gaye, and Arthur Russell with techno acolytes Robert Hood, Drexciya, and Rhythm & Sound. Schwarz’s wide palate found favour among the temporary staleness of minimal techno music at the time, and helped the producer galvanize his artistic voice. He hasn’t looked back since. The Innervisions luminary will bring his solo live show to MUTEK.ES this year!


Mood Music, Sunday Music, !K7, InnerVisions, Diamonds & Pearls Music, Mule Musiq, Zeppelin Recordings