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Dandy Jack and the Sniffing OrchestraCL

Dandy Jack and the Sniffing Orchestra<sup>CL</sup>
Dandy Jack and the Sniffing Orchestra

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Reinvented through constant collaboration with other artists and his own alter-egos, Dandy Jack's feel-good club sound symbolizes a decades-long quest to intensify links between German techno's origins and the Chilean rhythms the long-time producer grew up with.

Since 1989, Dandy Jack has negotiated geographical and musical borders on his chameleon-like search for electronic sound fusions. An ex-pat escapee of the Pinochet dictatorship, he came of age in Germany just as its late 80s/early 90s rave scene developed. Schopf recorded with panoramic techno artist Tobias Freund as a founding member of synth-pop post-techno trio Sieg Über Die Sonne and contributed to labels such as Pete Namlook's Fax and Atom Heart's Rather Interesting. With Atom Heart (Uwe Schmidt), he designed Particle-House structures as the project Gon, and co-designed sound on Marcely Antunez’s (La Fura Dels Baus) digital-mechanical performance Epizoo. In his home city of Santiago in the mid-90s he created the Microman Club with Adrian Schopf, a nucleus for groundbreaking electronic events, and later took the lead on MUTEK Chile. His ambient techno undertakings link electronic music with Latin sound, namely in Amp with Pete Namlook, Silent Music, Ric Y Martin with Ricardo Villalobos, Junction SM with his one-time partner Sonja Moonear, and other projects. A collaboration with Andrès Garcia as duo John Keys resulted in bass-heavy techno grooves and epic psychedelic house layered in melody. He's paired live at MUTEK with Mathew Jonson and jammed with Ricardo Villalobos's improvised laptop supergroup Narod Niki alongside Dimbiman, Luciano, Daniel Bell, Cabanne, Carl Craig, Richie Hawtin and Akufen. His love of collaboration has even conjured imaginary alter-egos: The Latin Elvis, The Latin Lava, The Plastic Woman and, most recently, Dandy Jack and The Cocodrilo Rippers.

After more than 20 years in the game, Schopf returns to the festival as Dandy Jack and the Sniffling Orchestra, letting his wild personality run free once more, infusing techno's past with global rhythms on a cluster of instruments and effects.


Perlon, Ruta 5, Contexterrior , Cosmo Records, Prospector


Dandy Jack and the Twin Pigs (2015), John Keys: The Space Dandy Project with Pit Spector (2016)


He headed up the first editions of MUTEK Chile that started back in 2004; and is a serial collaborator