MUTEK のカッティングエッジなアーティストをチェック
Dana Cozzi

<span class="not-set">(未設定)</span>

His interest is focused on the creation of images from generative systems and the development of projects that involve digital design, interactive art and immersive environments. He has made visual presentations and videomappings in different stages of Argentina. In 2018, within the framework of the Fulldome Creation Laboratory of the Festival + CODE with the mentor of the artist Lucas DM (AR), he made his first production in the fulldome format called Utopia of an extraordinary pixel.

'Utopia of an extraordinary pixel' is an audiovisual piece that immerses the public in the utopian world of a pixel. By adopting the third dimension, as a cube, it multiplies by space and dances to the rhythm of an abstract sound composition, creating a geometric universe. The work breaks the spatiality and the dome format, generating multiple simultaneous points of view for the spectators that allow to take full advantage of the visual field of the half sphere of the room. The soundtrack of the work is 'Tears of a lonely metaphysician' composed by BOP.

This presentation happens in collaboration with + CODE.

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