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Candie Hank

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Candie Hank is the alter ego of prolific breakcore producer Patric Catani, who specializes in the frantic, often Dadaist mash-up of breakbeats, Miami bass, and societal kitsch. Candie Hank's most recent album, 2006's Groucho Running (Sonig), featured Catani's skewed approach to pop music, an irreverent, almost carnivalesque romper ride through Pac-Man squelches, Roadrunner cartoons, and the detritus of popular culture. Catani first began producing music in his teens. He experienced early success as the experimental breakcore artist E de Cologne. After moving to Berlin, he began experimenting with digital hardcore as part of the duo EC8OR (with Cobra Killer's Gina V. D'Orio), and quickly signed to Alec Empire's DHR label, at the time Germany's preeminent digital hardcore outlet. This arrangement provided him his first stateside exposure though a distribution deal with the Beastie Boys' label, Grand Royal. For the last few years he has been producing the music for the Puppetmastaz, an all-puppet hip-hop troop helmed by Canadian expat Gonzales. He also plays in A*Class, a raunchy booty bass duo with D'Orio.