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Cafrine + YanneekCA/QC

Cafrine + Yanneek<sup>CA/QC</sup>
Cafrine + Yanneek

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Extra-sensory, brightly hued and hypnotic, Cafrine and Yanneek's live visuals transform musical performances into wildly surreal yet entirely memorable audiovisual experiences.

With an academic background in cultural studies and cinematography, Cafrine marries video and film production to both intimate and large scale events. Over the past 15 years, Yanneek has added his creative style to numerous events and projects in Montréal and internationally, as a VJ, event organizer and DJ (Yann), including alongside Turp as a resident VJ for Tech Safari Productions.

Turp and Doucet co-founded Vitaminecat as a dedicated avenue for their high energy, illuminating multimedia installations and live visuals. Turp and Doucet are the conceptual minds behind numerous multimedia installations and live visual sets that transform artistic performances into synesthetic experiences: from extravagant Cirque du Soleil shows and Moment Factory projects to music events in Montréal and internationally, including the Montréal International Jazz Festival, Igloofest, New York’s Orb and Les Francofolies. At MUTEK this year, Cafrine and Yanneek's visuals ebb and flow with the celebratory festival beat, oscillating as if they might jump from the screen.


Montréal-based multimedia artist, producer, creative director and VJ Catherine Turp, and artistic director, graphic and motion designer and VJ Yannick Doucet


Turp and Doucet co-founded immersive design studio Vitaminecat; Turp is also co-founder of the Eclipse festival and is a creative director with Moment Factory