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Brad ToddCA/QC

Brad Todd<sup>CA/QC</sup>
Brad Todd

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Montréal-based artist Brad Todd presents technology as a catalyst for experience through the development of responsive environments. He has experimented with audiovisual works, photography and installations throughout the years. His conceptions are both presented on an individual level and on a broader, socio-political scale. In his projects, Todd uses face-tracking, microcontrollers, artificial intelligence, neural networks, data analysis and live manipulation of camera feeds in conjunction with projections, microscopes and antique objects. After having completed an MFA at Concordia University, he joined the post-punk band Sofa, which released the inaugural album and single on the critically acclaimed Constellation Records label. Todd continues to experiment with sound techniques to accompany his visual art practice. He has exhibited his creations in the Americas, in Asia and in Europe, and has received numerous grants and awards for his artworks.


Montréal-based artist Brad Todd, coding environments as visualizations of the liminal world one cannot perceive.


Earlier this year, Todd experimented with GAN frameworks to create Concept(ion), showcasing a machine's interpretation of moments of conception through an electron microscope.


Apart from working as an artist, Todd is also an instructor in the Design and Computation Arts program at Concordia University.