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Bionautas (Jonas Kopp & Flor del Valle)AR

Bionautas (Jonas Kopp & Flor del Valle)<sup>AR</sup>
Bionautas (Jonas Kopp & Flor del Valle)

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Bionautas is the A/V project of Argentine artists Jonas Kopp and Flor del Valle. It consists of a live performance with a conceptual narrative based on the idea of a universal consciousness with which it’s possible to connect through the decoding of the singular energy that each of its parts possesses. In this way, Kopp channels some landscapes of the Argentine territory, translating this information into sound frequencies to create an ambient soundtrack built with different synthesizers. The work in turn is intervened with a sonotherapy approach by Flor del Valle, who puts the voice to songs, prayers and mantras executing ancestral sounds through instruments from different ethnicities. The final electroacoustic and ambient sounds produce frequencies that when in resonance with the audience will turn this artistic action into a healing experience.

Jonas Kopp is internationally recognized as a techno and ambient DJ/producer. He is currently fully dedicated to quantum healing. Flor del Valle is a sonotherapist, composer and singer of Latin American music.


Techno and ambient Argentinian DJ/Producer Jonas Kopp & sonotherapist, composer and singer of Latin American music Flor del Valle.