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Ben ShemieCA/QC

Ben Shemie<sup>CA/QC</sup>
Ben Shemie

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Lurching with synthetic grooves, Ben Shemie’s lo-fi psychedelic textures careen across genres boundaries, producing pop music at the outer edges of harmony. There’s a sense of enormous potential in his avant-garde, cavernous rhythms - songs that are unpredictable yet strangely familiar.


Montréaler Ben Shemie, who also highlights as the lead vocalist and guitarist of art rock outfit Suuns. Lo-fi psychedelic pop music specializing in corrosive textures and skeletal drum patterns.


Secretly Canadian, Hands in the Dark Records, Black Light


Ben Shemie - A Single Point of Light (Hands in the Dark, 2020), Ben Shemie - A Skeleton (Hands in the Dark, 2019)
Chloe Feat Ben Shemie - Recall Remixes (Black Light, 2018), Chloe Feat Ben Shemie - Recall (Black Light, 2018), Suuns—Felt (2018)


In 2017, his vocals appeared on French electronic producer Chloé’s album, Endless Revisions, and as a single.