MUTEK のカッティングエッジなアーティストをチェック

Alex Dogrush, Tatjana Kudinova & Tomás LaurenzoAR/LT/UY

Alex Dogrush, Tatjana Kudinova & Tomás Laurenzo<sup>AR/LT/UY</sup>
Alex Dogrush, Tatjana Kudinova & Tomás Laurenzo

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Extraordinary Accident is a virtual reality experience reflecting on Hong Kong’s urban experience, focusing on the differences and similarities that different perceptual scales may offer.

Hong Kong is a unique city, built on contradictions. It is simultaneously western and eastern, traditional and futuristic, urban and natural. Different versions of Hong Kong coexist, clash, and reinforce themselves.

The work consists of a VR experience aiming to explore this fractal coexistence of different realities in Hong Kong.
With an explicit intention of exploring the aesthetics of virtual reality, it attempts to construct –perhaps reclaim– a new space of visual poetics, organised in two axes, a temporal axis that imagines Hong Kong’s past, present, and future, and a scale axis that explores different points of view, from an imagined microscopic scale, to a city-wide bird’s eye–view.

From a close-up imagination of the land before humans, to flying over a future Hong Kong, and including scenes of contemporary Hong Kong, the experience is organised in seven scenes that explore different configurations of the temporal and scale axes.


Lithuanian lead designer Tatjana Kudinova, Argentinian architect Alejandro Rodriguez and Uruguayan computer science academic Tomás Laurenzo.