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This program debuts with finesse in the form of a solo performance from Toronto artist Akumu, who involves himself in the internal mechanics and dynamics of physical and natural phenomena. Employing binaural field recordings captured in Guatemala, Mexico, and Honduras, Deane Hughes aka Akumu establishes a sonic universe that dares to immerse you with a haunting and powerful tone on his latest disc Fluxes. Also evident on his previous disc Magmas, the sonic space within which the artist works is an elegant mixture of everyday field recordings, moody blips, lingering microscapes, crashing frequencies, and other aural improvisations that rhythmically support his compositions. Overall, a shadowy ambience emerges, with emphasis on the varying shifts in the range of recordings used to achieve the album's dream-like quality. Akumu's performance will be accompanied by impressionistic projections enhanced by collages and bi- and tri-dimensional animations created exclusively for this Montreal show.