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A-Mint (Alex Braga & Francesco Tristano)IT/L

A-Mint (Alex Braga & Francesco Tristano)<sup>IT/L</sup>
A-Mint (Alex Braga & Francesco Tristano)

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The leap in the future of music with algoritm A-Mint (Artificial Musical Intelligence), created by Alex Braga with professors Francesco Riganti Fulginei, Antonino Laudani, Alessandro Salvini and University RomaTre, has just started, with the help of extraordinary talent of Luxemburguese pianist Francesco Tristano.

Tristano and Braga as A-Mint, made their world debut in the world’s temple of contemporary art, the Centre Pompidou in Paris, as closing act of prestigious Mutations Creations Festival for the finissage of Codèr Le Monde exibhition, side by side with such names as sacred monster Ryoji Ikeda.

The stunning piano improvisation by Tristano and the futuristic real-time electronic orchestrations by Braga &A.M.I. , enhanced by the generative video projections, rewrite the rules of live electronic music, and plunge the audience into a unique experience, always different because of the impulses and interpretations of the Artificial Musical Intelligence A-Mint a trip in unknown and never explored before territories and boundaries, made of new sounds, technology, images, energy, sweat, heart and soul.

A-Mint is presented with the support of the Consolato General d´Italia a Barcellona, ITmakES and Maker Faire Rome.


Imagine to jump on stage without any pattern, track, stem and imagine, as an electronic musician, to be able to improvise along with any musician. And imagine something unimaginable : while he plays any instrument, electronic or acoustic, your machine creates in real time an infinite number of tracks that improvise following the musician, regardless of pitch, harmony or bpm. A-Mint is a real time orchestra at your fingertips, always ready for you to conduct.