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3X3is9 is a project created by Winnipeg sound artist Chris Bryan. Chris has been working with sound as a medium since the mid 90s and has been recording and performing as 3X3is9 since 1999. As 3X3is9, he has releases alongside Duul_Drv, Blunderspublic, and Vitaminsforyou on the Sfeericle record label. Chris is currently working on collaborative projects with several artists from around the world, in addition to running the experimental music label (1.8)sec.records. 3X3is9 live sets are structured improvisational performances utilizing a laptop and lo-fi analog gear. The intent is to have a thick multi-layered sound with both digital and analog components. 3X3is9 uses a narrative approach to his live performance that creates an atmosphere of mental images, situations, and events for the listener. For his asKaa environment performance, 3X3is9 will incorporate field recordings, data errors, drones, and rhythms to construct an imagined space devoted to contrasts and interactions between elements.