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Mexico, novembre 15, 2017
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The Orb at Ambience

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The Orb

The trajectory of this year’s programs is to create a different narrative and provide an open highway to the most adventurous sides of electronic music and digital creativity. We joined forces with the British Embassy via their Innovation UKMX. This cooperative effort will let us witness consecrated acts as well as emerging talents from the British Isles. They will be present in a series of epic journeys where the best of ingenuity will be displayed by Squarepusher, The Orb, Emptyset, Dark Sky and Kelly Lee Owens.

To fully enjoy the best of British innovation, get your tickets here!

On this context, our frequent collaborator Ejival introduces the legendary duo The Orb.

“Back to the chill-out mood ambient world of The Orb”

Even with the passing of time, the music of The Orb still transcends and transmits intermittent waves from its lunar base throughout the multidimensional conscience and within their disruptive frame. From the beginning of the 90’s, they changed the perception of rave music and added a whole new different dimension to the dance floor. Dr. Alex Paterson, the main force behind The Orb, always knew that there were sound layers to draw and new lands to explore. With the support of a host of collaborators and floating within major and independent labels for more than 25 years, The Orb has a magnificent, vast musical legacy worthy of the most profound analytical appreciation.

From this musical cluster, not everything has aged well but some of its obsolescence seemed planned from its inception. It is not about a certain electronic music style—of soft rave sounds, underworld dub or acoustic pop landscapes—but of a aesthetic presence that reflects a pulsating state caused by psychedelic substances and the care for the nature’s own chaos.

The Orb’s latest reincarnation, Paterson and Thomas Fehlmann side to side, is maybe the best one which synthesizes the pure state of sensation and depth; its new era with the German label Kompakt has given them a freedom in which requests and demands are no longer important, a time where label bosses thought they would become in some sort of Chemical Brothers. There had always been rebellion within the liquid and abstract sphere, one capable of writing the most subtle odes.

Their latest Kompakt creation, called COW / Chill Out, World!, summarizes the dub and ambient essence of the project in much more complete format. It is the gentler and direct side of Fehlmann and Paterson, with hundreds of settings and contemplative situations; it is the best piece of advice the world could get.

All of these considerations are the perfect introduction for their Ambience show at MUTEK.MX on Thursday, November 23. It is a truly special occasion where the planets, stars and dimensions have aligned for this special moment: aliens and humans, remain pending because The Orb are about to take off.


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