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Tokyo, octobre 21, 2019
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Second wave of MUTEK.JP artists confirmed

The next wave of MUTEK.JP artists crashes ashore with techno rumbles and a bounty of renowned collaborations. Rhizomatiks Research x ELEVENPLAY x Kyle McDonald and Robert Henke round up the A/Visions lineup. The Nocturne series expands with Japan Media Arts Festival award-winner, Ken Furudate and multifaceted techno producer Rrose . Check out the additional 9 performers on the current lineup!

Akiko Nakayama (JP) / Alexis Langevin-Tétrault ( CA/QC) / Daito Manabe + Kamitani Lab (JP) / Falaises (CA/QC) / Hiroaki Umeda (JP) / Ken Furudate (JP) / Kode9 & Koji Morimoto (UK+JP) / Konx-Om-Pax (UK) / LADA (Dasha Rush & Lars Hemmerling) (RU+DE) / Line Katcho (CA/QC) / Myriam Bleau (CA/QC) / Norimichi Hirakawa (JP) / Oslon (KR) / Push 1 stop & Wiklow (CA/QC) / Rhizomatiks Research x ELEVENPLAY x Kyle McDonald (JP+US) / Risa Taniguchi (JP) / Robert Henke (DE) / Rrose (US) / rubi (DE) / Ryoichi Kurokawa (JP) / Sakura Tsuruta & asagi (JP) / Yosi Horikawa (JP) / Yuzo Koshiro & Motohiro Kawashima (JP)


Experience the full spectrum of MUTEK.JP with the 5-day passport! The early-bird rate remains available until October 25th, 2019, at 23:59 JST . Afterwards, price rises from ¥20,000 to ¥23,000 . The passport allows for spontaneous explorations between venues. Gain access to all night-time performances at the Shibuya Stream Hall (Wed, Thu, Fri), LINE CUBE (Sat, Sun), and Liquidroom (Sat). 5-day passports are reserved for people over 20 years of age.

Individual tickets for all programs are also being released today! On December 11th to 13th, the dance nights, Nocturne 1, 2 and 3 will take place at the Shibuya Stream Hall, and tickets cost ¥4,000 per night. As for Nocturne 4 , on December 14th, it comes to ¥3,500 at Liquidroom. Tickets also available for A/Visions , on December 14th and15th, at the LINE CUBE Shibuya for the price of ¥6,000 each day, or purchase A/Visions 2-day pass for ¥10,000 instead!

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A/Visions showcases the most advanced and refined art form of digital technology. The entire listing is set in a theatre format during the MUTEK.JP weekend. On December 14-15, step into the new LINE CUBE Shibuya (Shibuya Koukaido) for an audiovisual retreat!

On Saturday, December 14th, for A/Visions 1 , the performance entitled “discrete figures” will feature an interactive dance piece combining machine learning technology. A showcase of this grandeur involves a trailblazing roster of creative professionals— Daito Manabe’s Rhizomatiks Research collaborates with American media artist Kyle McDonald and the dance company ELEVENPLAY led by choreographer MIKIKO . The piece will follow the Japanese premiere of “subassemblies” by Ryoichi Kurokawa on the same eve.

Closing the festival, on Sunday, December 15th, Robert Henke will defy the notion of time and space to hypnotize spectators into a conscious meditation using vectors of real-time lasers and percussive audio. “Lumière III” by Henke is the latest from an on-going project that initially came into light in 2013. Constantly evolving from trial and error, it will finally premiere in Japan along with dynamic performances by audiovisual dancer Hiroaki Umeda and Canadian trio Falaises .


Spread over 4 days and 2 venues, the Nocturne series is the MUTEK.JP fabric depicting the festival’s scope in music styles and digital entertainment. On December 11th-13th, the night programming will start out at the Shibuya Stream Hall. Then, Nocturne ends on Saturday, December 14th, at Liquidroom and it’ll go on until the first ray of sunlight.

On Wednesday, December 11th, Nocturne 1 converges innovative Japanese artistry with Quebec, the cradle of MUTEK. On cue to share Canada’s top audiovisual performances are usual suspects Myriam Bleau , Push 1 stop & Wiklow, and Line Katcho . Japanese masterminds joining in are local heroes Daito Manabe performing with neuroscientists from Kamitani Lab of Kyoto University. Recently praised in MUTEK Montreal’s 20th anniversary and at Ars Electronica is the live mixed-media painter Akiko Nakayama . Also, set to premiere a solo performance is Ryoki Ikeda’s associate Norimichi Hirakawa .

The next day, on December 12th, Nocturne 2 becomes an international playground to arouse the gamer in all. Kode 9 & Koji Morimoto band together one last time for a world final performance. In the same breath, legendary video game music composers Yuzo Koshiro & Motohiro Kawashima present their audiovisual iteration of the video game classic Streets of Rage . Rising artist Sakura Tsuruta intertwines with the esteemed lineup for an audiovisual debut accompanied by visual artist asagi.Interférences” by Alexis Langevin-Tétrault polishes off Thursday night.

On Friday, December 13th, Nocturne 3 focuses on the latest experimental works in electronic music. Producer Yosi Horikawa has garnered as much sound as attention with a field recorder to enliven the atmosphere created by his sets. Ken Furudate will veil the hall with an undulating performance seeking the power and magic of the sine wave...and, actually, we’ll keep a few more names under wraps! Please stay tuned for the full Friday lineup.

Nocturne 4 is the only all-nighter programmed for 2019 and the series closes in the beloved Liquidroom. On Saturday, December 14th, an impressive range of fine techno takes the floor. Risa Taniguchi hails from the underground Tokyo scene and applies her classical training to release brisk low-end growls and dark tones into Techno. The sonic artisan Rrose returns to Japan with their sublime craft that incorporates a heavy but driving cadence with meticulous blurs of noise. Finally, Dasha Rush and Lars Hemmerling will debut their collaboration LADA in Japan, a techno live-jam collaboration straight from the heart of the Berlin underground.

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