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Mexico, juillet 29, 2019
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Playlist: The Sounds of MUTEK MX 2009 - 2013

2009 2013 FB 960x540 ESP

From the rise of Footwork and Mexican Techno to our first encounters with all-time favorites like Nathan Fake, Actress and Laurel Halo: we reexamine 5 years of our history as a festival.

These five years may have marked the metamorphosis of MUTEK Mexico into a cutting-edge festival. In 2009, MUTEK MX kept the fire of the festival alive with some activities in Mexico City, experimenting with big size formats and multidisciplinary performances in collaboration with the Cervantino International Festival. Thus, from that year, programming has been growing, along with the bold move of supporting digital arts beyond sound, transforming locations with video-scenography, A/V collaborations and immersive installations specially made for the festival. Soon, terms like A/Visions and Nocturne became familiar, and for the 2013 edition, MUTEK MX had grown into the most anticipated yearly gathering for the creative community and an audience avid for new sounds and experiences.

This playlist will take us through the sounds MUTEK artists were exploring and trends that dominated between 2009 and 2013: the rise of Footwork, Dubstep and Bass; Latin influences taking over the dance floor and a new wave of Mexican Techno producers. It will also bring back iconic moments in the trajectory of some of our favorites: Nathan Fake diving into Techno, Actress in his most experimental and acid form pre-Hazyville, Laurel Halo with her acclaimed Quarantine and James Holden with his polemic album The Inheritors. Enjoy this dive into the past, we recommend playing with a crossfade of between 5 to 8 seconds:

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