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Montréal, janvier 27, 2020
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MUTEKLIVE217 - Dandy Jack and the Sniffing Orchestra

217 Dandy Jack and the Sniffing Orchestra 900x670

Expérience 5
August 25, 2019
Mastered by @pheek (

Who: Lausanne-based Chilean producer Martin Schopf

Style: Percussion-driven Latin-hued excursions in club music, enthusiastic German techno collaborations

Labels: Perlon, Ruta 5, Contexterrior, @cosmorecords, Prospector

Latest: Dandy Jack and the Twin Pigs (2015), John Keys: The Space Dandy Project with Pit Spector (2016)

More: He headed up the first editions of MUTEK Chile that started back in 2004, and is a serial collaborator

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