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San Francisco, février 26, 2019
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MUTEK San Francisco Announces Second Edition Returning May 2-5

MUTEK.SF, is pleased to announce the second edition of the San Francisco festival returning May 2-5, 2019. Festivalgoers will experience expansive, groundbreaking music programming that blurs lines within genres and media alike; panel discussions and educational programming; culinary offerings from renowned chefs; and immersive artworks showcasing the cutting edge of digital arts and technology.

Festival performances are separated into four tracks: Digi Lab, featuring educational programming and discussion panels; A/Visions, featuring full-scale audio-visual works that engage all senses; Nocturne, nighttime programming highlighting kinetic, dynamic electronic music, performed live; and Experience, a day-into-night affair featuring numerous artists, activations, and stages engaged at once.

MUTEK originated in Montréal, Canada in 2000, and quickly became renowned for diverse, innovative programming that celebrated both the playfulness and the artistic rigor of electronic and experimental music. Mexico City launched soon after in 2004 and Barcelona in 2009. Editions in Buenos Aires, Tokyo, and Dubai followed. MUTEK San Francisco is the latest iteration of a global legacy, celebrating its second year as MUTEK Montréal celebrates 20, MUTEK Mexico City celebrated 15, and MUTEK Barcelona celebrates 10.

Unique amongst its partner editions across the globe, MUTEK San Francisco showcases the depth, breadth, and historical richness of American electronic music in particular. Although MUTEK San Francisco will feature artists of 11 different nationalities, the majority are American, and include vital cultural pioneers and the contemporary vanguard alike. Cognizant of present-day political climates, MUTEK San Francisco celebrates the diversity, energy, and vitality of electronic and experimental music — not merely as resistance but as a fundamental, foundational undercurrent of arts and culture.

MUTEK.SF's first wave of artist announcements is as follows:

Abandoned Footwear & arc (US) / Amnesia Scanner (FI/DE) / Arpanet (US) / Bleie & Chelley Sherman (US) / Byetone (DE) / Cruel Diagonals (US) / Cyrnai (US) / Diagraf (CA/QC) / Dopplereffekt (US+DE) / Ectomorph (US) / Edna King (CA) / fuse* (IT) / Freeka Tet (FR) / GAIKA (UK) / The Hacker presents Amato Live (FR) / Halal & Relaxer (US) / Joyfultalk (CA) / Kelly Moran (US) / Kode9 & Koji Morimoto (UK+JP) / Kyle Evans (US) / Lara Sarkissian (US) / Lawrence English (AU) / Layne (US) / Marpi (PL) / Michael Claus (US) / Mozhgan & Josh Cheon (US) / Nihar & Subset (US) / Rainforest Spiritual Enslavement (US+FR) / Revlux (US) / Robot Koch & Mikael Le Goff (DE) / Sepehr (US) / Smerz (NO/DK) / Steve Hauschildt & Tzonev (US) / (CA/QC) / Tayhana (MX) / Veronica Vasicka (US)

Numerous artists will present both North American, US, and West Coast premiere live performances.

Additional artists, venues, and Digi Lab programming will be announced in the coming weeks.

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MUTEK.SF will be presenting its festival programming with support from Wunderbar Together. Germany and the U.S., the Goethe-Institute, the Consulate General of France in San Francisco, the Consulate General of Mexico in San Francisco, the Midway. More partnerships to be announced...

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