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Mexico, septembre 26, 2019
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MUTEK Mexico Édition 16: Second Wave of Confirmed Artists

Exactly two months before our takeover of Mexico City with cutting-edge digital sound and arts, we present our Phase Two Lineup, with a balanced selection that nurtures the pillars of our platform: technological innovation and a multidisciplinary approach with Daito Manabe, Sougwen Chung and Joanie Lemercier debuting experiences for Latin America, along with some of the producers that are spearheading dance scenes all around the world, from Ouri and James Place to the explosive DJ Lag. This myriad of digital creativity and new talent is masterfully complemented by artists that have been added as main acts for this edition: Apparat Live will be presenting their new album, John Talabot premieres in MUTEK, and we’ll have a live performance by Caterina Barbieri at her best. With this Second Wave of Confirmed Artists, MUTEK MX has solidified Mexico City as an important meeting point for the best of global electronic music and multidisciplinary acts that are stimulating the development of new technological tools.

Along with the new confirmed artists, we offer the option of purchasing individual tickets for each one of our paid activities during our Edition 16, as well as the first preview for our daily programming and some of the locations that will host our events this November.

More surprises soon: an enriched program in collaboration with Museo Jumex and Centro de Cultura Digital; activities at Casa MUTEK, our meeting point during the festival’s week, and our Phase 3 Lineup with the best sound and arts of digital art in Mexico, more international guests and projects chosen from our open call for proposals to local artists last May. Stay tuned!

Check Out The Artists of the Second Wave

Ali M. Demirel (TR) - Apparat Live (DE) - Caterina Barbieri (IT) - Daito Manabe (JP) present Dissonant Imaginary - Deadbeat (CA) - DJ Lag (ZA) - Freedom Engine (CA) - James Place (US) - Joanie Lemercier & Joshua Sabin (FR/BE+UK) present Nebulae - John Talabot (ES) - Maria W Horn (SE) - Ouri (CA) - Pétra (US) - Purform presents Enigma - Sol Oosel (MX) - Sougwen Chung (CN/CA) presents Gaia - Tomás Urquieta (CL) - Vincent Houzé + Dave & Gabe (FR+US) present Créatures

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Edition 16: Incoming

➤ Casa MUTEK: From November 18 to 23, the Fraternity House of Universidad de la Comunicación will become Casa Mutek, the meeting point for the festival’s attendants, artists and agents. In addition to hosting special activities by Digi Lab. Casa MUTEK will have a music program, gastronomic selection and happenings open to the public. Please stay tuned for the full program.
➤ Phase Three Lineup: In October, we will release the full lineup for Edition 16, including national and international artists, as well as talent selected from our National Open Call published in May of this year.

➤ Full Edition 16 Program: To celebrate the new era of MUTEK MX, between November 17 and 24 we will present a program with immersive exhibitions and experiences in collaboration with the Jumex Museum, Centro de Cultura Digital and other allies, which will enrich the activities of our Edition 16.

➤ If you want to program interviews with Damian Romero, the festival’s director or with the artists of Edition 16, send an email to
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