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Montréal, novembre 02, 2022
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MUTEK Édition 23 : Embracing New Realities

MUTEK23 20220825 Caterina Barbieri BRUNODESTOMBES 010
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Marked by a return of audiences from all over the world, gathered to witness innovative and dreamlike performances, the 23rd edition of the Festival unraveled in a week of rich and memorable moments from August 23 to 28, 2022 in Montreal.

138 artists from 26 countries for a total of 82 live performances animated four venues in the Quartier des spectacles. 14 digital artworks were presented at the Tranquille esplanade or on the platform, delivering 62 never-before-seen premieres to the curious and loyal public.

MUTEK also took a new step in digital creativity as a producer of extended reality (XR) works with the Immersive Collection, soon to be available on Steam.

Join us for the 24th edition of MUTEK, next summer in Montreal.



> machìna – Circular saw

> Vanyfox – Kitana

> Handsome Tiger – DECOLONIZE

> Handsome Tiger – MAAJIIGI

> Cora Novoa - Technological Systems (Turbo Recordings)

Direction: Yann-Manuel Hernandez

Production: Studio Épiphanie

Videography: Yann-Manuel Hernandez, Amine Sahed

Equipment: Royal Photo

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