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Montréal, mars 17, 2017
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Julia Kent’s breathtaking compositions fuse cello, electronics and found sounds: MUTEK 2016

New York City-based cellist Julia Kent has built up quite the reputation over the last couple of decades, as a member of “dark cabaret” act Rasputina and ANOHNI’s Antony and the Johnsons, as a soundtrack composer and as a solo musician. Kent’s command over the cello has been honed over many years of development, and her airy compositions – built up from layers upon layers of cello, electronics and found sounds – blossom in the live environment. FACT met up with Kent at this year’s MUTEK Montreal, and spoke about her breathtaking live performance. She describes the cello as her voice – her way of expressing herself – and explains how her process uses Ableton Live but never loses the human element.

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Julia Kents breathtaking compositions fuse cello electronics and found sounds
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