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Mexico, novembre 09, 2017

Present: HolaWave Studio

Place: CASA MUTEK.MX - Av. Mexico 200, Hipódromo Condesa
Dates: From Wednesday 22 to Thursday 24 November
Hours: 15 to 19H


Museum boutique and a cultural space focused on technology in art and music located within the Cultural Center of Spain in Mexico. Our main mission is to bring different audiences closer to artistic production from music to research, through different technologies and non-conventional musical instruments.


Within the framework of DIGI LAB organized by MUTEK.MX together with HolaWave.Store we created HolaWave.Studio an open space whose metaphor is based on a typical "home studio" of a producer, musician or DJ, so that different audiences can break the barrier and approach a playroom in an accessible way to explore creativity through sound tools.

We will do this space in collaboration and with the support of different brands of music technology involved in the day-to-day lives of thousands of creators around the world. We will also have talks and consultancies seeking to respond and multiple points of view within the topic "From Composition to Performance.

How It Works:

Rent 1 hour of HolaWave.Studio with up to 5 friends where you can compose, experiment, play and record all the plugged instruments we have available for you. Besides using them, you can get help from the experts of brands like Elektron, Arturia and Ableton, as well as the HolaWave staff.

Please bring your hard drive to record your session.


Symbolic price: $100 MN. Includes using two equipments during a one-hour session, usage and meterial recording aid + a special edition HolaWave poster and a gift package from our sponsors.

Rent your studio time here.

Available recording equipment:

Elektron Octatrack MKII
Elektron Digitakt
Make Noise 0-Coast
Make Noise Shared System
Roland TR-08 Boutique
Roland JP-08 Boutique
Roland TR-09 Boutique
Korg MS20 Mini
Korg Minilogue
Korg Monologue
Arturia Minibrute
Arturia Microbrute
Arturia DrumBrute
Arturia MatrixBrute
Arturia AudioFuse
Dubreq Stylophone
Ableton Push 2
Ableton Live

*Recording equipment changes without notice

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