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Mexico, janvier 17, 2020
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Fennesz Portentous

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45 sublime minutes of granular ambient and psychedelic drone.

Fennesz not only took the end of the year listings with his magnificent 'Agora' (it is in the top ten 2019 of Pitchfork, PopMatters and Exclaim!): He also kidnapped our soul that Friday night in Room B of Nocturne 1 in Fábrica with its portentous acoustic (and emotional) manipulation, complemented by the visuals of Ali M. Demirel. An experience that, as of today, we can extend in sound format until eternity.

Ten minutes before midnight, Christian Fennesz took the stage under the mesmerizing visual framework of Ali M. Demirel (more on him shortly) to unleash a sonic energy that could be felt to the core.

Fennesz extracted from his guitar prodigious sound layers superimposed on granular rhythms, transforming our bodies into soundboards and turning the entire space of Sala B into a giant emotional container. The crossroads of the here and now in the face of the enormous expectation of a concert long desired by the audience of MUTEK MX led Fennesz to deliver a relentless performance, to build a sound to which we could only surrender, to prolong as long as he could. this moment of grace.

Above 110 decibels, the pulsation of the bass that introduced us to 'In My Room', highlight of 'Ágora', was a visceral experience (...) By the time Fennesz picked up his guitar to fill the room with resonating chords, we had already reached a momentous elevation.

- Resident Advisor

Fennesz was able to give us a taste of the power of their sound by controlling the bass throughout the room, creating an enveloping sensation that caught our full attention (...) It was the best installation in terms of acoustics and capacity. Even the smallest fragments of each sound piece were clearly visible.

- Ibero 909

With his guitar, Fennesz creates places that can only live in the mind of someone who is not from this planet.

- Sopitas

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