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Montréal, mars 17, 2017
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Dublin’s Lakker on making the transition from the studio to the stage: MUTEK 2016

Dublin-based duo Lakker are a rarity. They combine head-pummeling techno with the frazzled indulgence of IDM without losing momentum and expanded their sound into glorious widescreen on this year’s epic Struggle & Emerge full-length. When they perform live, some of that album’s dense soundscapes are stripped back to reveal punishing rhythmic tracks, and the propulsive bass and tweaked, complex rhythms are pushed right to the front. The duo describes the process of translating their glacial studio productions into a live experience as a “weird, contrived process”, but they’ve managed to integrate their Ableton Live set with vocal clips, samples and devastating visuals. The result is crushing.

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Dublins Lakker on making the transition from the studio to the stage MUTEK 2016
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