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Playmodes is a tandem of digital artisans.

Santi Vilanova and Eloi Maduell, taught in the fields of graphic design, musical composition and computer engineering, conceive works halfway between art, science and audiovisual research. All of their projects are developed using home-made technologies, and take the form of immersive light installations, graphic works, sculptural devices, kinetic engines, scenography or multimedia concerts that explore an abstract universe of visual music.

Inspired by natural phenomena, scientific research, literature, abstract art, experimental animation or contemporary music, they develop abstract pieces that - from multiple perspectives - consolidate the perception of space, light, sound and time.

Eloi Maduell

Computer Engineer by training and audiovisual creative by passion, he has been experimenting and developing projects around creativity and new audiovisual technologies for 20 years. Inspired by human perception, creative programming, mathematics, physics and abstraction.