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In recent years, INTUS has become a benchmark for the community dedicated to new media and technological creativity. Their projects and dynamics experiment with new media, sensory processes and diverse tools to create experiences that convert conventional spaces into interactive universes. In addition, his studio has become a space for artistic exchange, exploration, and close interaction between artists and audiences.

This incessant artistic and technological push of the creatives behind INTUS has made them a fundamental part of the MUTEK MX narrative in its recent history. In 2017 they presented the installation Tezcal as part of the Nocturne and the following year, during the XV of MUTEK MX, they amazed us with Tycho Magnetic Anomally II, an interactive installation based on the study of outer space and its relationship with the human being; finally, in 2019 they presented Réflex, one of Nocturne's interactive installations.

To celebrate its fourth consecutive participation, MUTEK MX and INTUS present a special collaboration that extends throughout the week of the festival and that invites us to go through the portal and also delve into the creative and technical processes behind INTUS.


The INTUS studio, an interactive space that harnesses imagination and innovation as sustainable resources that bring immersive and interactive experiences to life.