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Alex Nikolov<sup>bg</sup>
Alex Nikolovbg

Alex Nikolov was born in 1993 in Plovdiv, Bulgaria, the second biggest city and the cultural capital of the country. Moved to Vienna and later to Palma de Mallorca when he was only 4 years old, to later come back for high school to Bulgaria at the age of 13. In 2013 he landed in Barcelona, a city that felt like home like no other. Studied Business Design, Events and Communication Design in IED Barcelona and won best thesis award for the area of Management, while discovering the city’s rich underground music movements.

He started working for major music festivals like DGTL and OFF Sonar, first in production, and later focussing on communication. After 3 years and 6 festivals, Alex started as the Communication Manager of RED58, a small club dedicated to underground electronic music in the center of Barcelona.

After so much involvement in nightlife and festivals, it was time for a slight change, so he started working for Casa Bonay, managing the PR and Communication for their new culture and music hotspot - Nica.

In 2016, Alex founded Loom Collective with a group of friends and IED alumni, and presented the first edition of Loom Festival in 2018, a personal and independent project. Loom Festival merges audiovisual installations, performance and music, creating an interactive path through the warehouse space of Utopia126 in Poblenou. Dealing with current social and cultural topics through art, Loom is a representation of how a contemporary festival should approach the younger generations. Loom Festival is an ongoing project that had its second edition in the beginning of May 2019. Loom is also transforming into a young content creation agency, working for brands like Nike, Sivasdescalzo, Desigual & more.

Six months ago, Alex started working for Barcelona’s infamous festival company Primavera Sound, where he’s been developing the Connector role, involving PR, communication and content strategy, and involvement of emerging talent in all the projects developed by Primavera Sound.

He developed two main projects during this time. The creation of Abaixadors10, Primavera Sound and Lateral Thinking’s new hotspot, where Barcelona’s emerging music and culture scene meet in a multispace, half a club and half an experimental cocktail bar. And second, the activation of Soho House at Primavera Sound Festival 2019 in Barcelona, where the two brands created together the ultimate VIP area turned into a festival oasis. In the present, Alex is working full time for Primavera Sound, preparing the next edition of Loom Festival and setting up the base for the young management agency, yet to be named.