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Voice, hardware and cello that make us float in an ambiance full of pain and pleasure, tradition and avant-garde, expressed with forceful emotion. Like a natural force difficult to contain, the sound created by the Spanish composer, cellist, singer and producer Yamila takes up the emotional textures of Spanish folklore and the possibilities of contemporary electronic music, to wrap us in a ritual moment of redemption, mysticism and the exploration of collective wounds.

With her albums Visions (Umor Rex, 2022) and Iras Fajro (Forbidden Colours, 2019) in addition to multiple collaborations with contemporary dance companies and visual artists, Yamila has brought her distinctive sound to venues as diverse as avant-garde music festivals and Opera theaters. Clark and Rafael Anton Irisarri are two of the artists with whom she has collaborated recently and who connect her with the electronic constellation of MUTEK, to which she will bring her haunting, evocative and highly emotional sound for the first time.

Con la colaboración de Wallonie-Bruxelles Musiques.

Spanish composer, cellist, singer and producer Yamila.


Umor Rex, Forbidden Colours

Projets récents

Visions (Umor Rex, 2022)

Le plus

Yamila is a regular collaborator with contemporary dance groups, for which she has made music. Her most recent collaboration was with the choreographer Marina Mascarell and her piece Orthopedica corporatio (2021).