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The computerized dub and digital dancehall era comes from the virtuous hands of Italian producer Simone Trabucchi aka STILL, originally from Vernasca, a remote village in the north of his country that played a crucial role in his sound design, weaving a transoceanic network between Italy, Ethiopia and Jamaica.

Due to the geographical conditions of its territory, Trabucchi grew somewhat isolated. This situation, devastating for the majority, was a unique opportunity to lean towards the DIY spirit. He explored his conceptual and sonic questions, finding answers, above all, in robust and infectious rhythms, which incite the circular movement of the body.
The established artist based in Milan, also known for his project as Dracula Lewis and for being the head of Hundebiss Records, has only published one record as Still, but that was enough to be praised on the international electronic press. With ¨I¨, edited on the disruptive and futuristic PAN label, run by Bill Kouligas, STILL revealed 9 cuts where he pampered five Italian and African singers in a rhythmically processed dancehall that feels fresh, authentic and at the same time risky.


Projets récents

Still - ¨I¨ Remixed (2018)

Le plus

With Still, Trabucchi connects the sonic and linguistic aspects of his musical researches inspired by the history that connect his hometown Vernasca to Ethiopia and Jamaica.