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Hesam Ohadi

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Hesam Ohadi (b. 1987 in Tehran) is an Iranian Canadian interdisciplinary artist and creator currently residing in Calgary, Canada. Aside from their sonic explorations in experimental electronic and electroacoustic music under the moniker “Idlefon”, Ohadi creates New Media artworks under their alias “Kino” which span across various mediums such as performance, kinetic sculpture, interactive installation and net art.
They are interested in making abstract art forms and algorithm-driven pieces. To achieve this, they use their computer in combination with custom-made software and utilizes creative coding, generative design, and nature-influenced processes.
They have taken part in numerous collaborative projects with fellow artists as well as releasing solo pieces. Apart from their personal work, Ohadi is also a co-founder and technical director at the Design+Technology studio CODON Interactive Media, a collective of artists experimenting in the fields of interaction design and computer arts since 2012. To support like-minded creatives working in similar fields as them, Ohadi helped found and manage the experimental art label BITROT and SET Experimental Art Events in which they are one of the curators and organizers.