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Montréal, octubre 21, 2019
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Sonica Festival 2019: Moving Matter, a project by Cryptic and MUTEK

The 5th edition of Sonica Festival presented by Cryptic takes place from October 31 to November 10 in Glasgow.
In a Live Triple Bill, Sabina CovarrubiasMX performes Trip, Myriam BoucherQC/CA presents Phases and Kathy HindeUK, the Twittering Machines she performed at MUTEK in August 2019.

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More Quebec and Canadian artists will be part of the programming:

Performances: Line Katcho and Push 1 stop & Wiklow
Talk: Women in Coding with Push 1 stop
Workshop: Generative Audio-Visual Art with Push 1 stop & Wiklow

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Presented as part of Moving Matter, a project by Cryptic and MUTEK, with the support of the British Council and the Quebec government.

Listen to MUTEK 20 Kathy Hinde live :

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