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Montréal, abril 30, 2019
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Québec and Canadian Artists at MUTEK San Francisco

MUTEK is pleased to announce the presence of Canadian and Québec artists in the United States on the occasion of the second edition of MUTEK.SF returning May 2-5, 2019.

Diagraf (CA/QC)

Abstract geometric shapes surge from the screen, layered over found film footage, original video and stylized geographies of terrestrial and celestial bodies as Diagraf constructs mesmerizing visual narratives deeply linked to music. His visual style combines minimalist graphic elements and complex evolutive particles systems with emotive cinematic content.

Presented with the support of The Conseil des arts et des lettres du Québec.

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Echo Beach (CA/QC)

Echo Beach harnesses emotional darkness in layers of somber drones, harsh analog synths and soft vocals, creating introspective ambient music to transport the mind through storm clouds and peaceful skies. Julie Matson's multi-textured, feminist-informed experiments in the aural relationships of difficulty, language and beauty have lead to several solo projects and numerous collaborations.

Presented with the support of The Conseil des arts et des lettres du Québec.

Edna King (CA)

A classically trained pianist, Edna King played keyboards and sang in Toronto synth-pop bands for several years before embarking on solo electronic production. Uncanny robot-human vocals float above ambient synth textures, dissonant harmonies and filtered glitches punctuate rhythms driven into overdrive—yet for all its electronic dynamism, King's music flows with a markedly human emotional undercurrent.


revlux (CA/US)

A San Franciscan laying down new roots in Montréal, Ratowsky began his journey into electronic music as a techno and house DJ. Imagined as an ironic brand, revlux works the edges of techno, pop production, jungle and commercial rave in a range of tempos – subverting and celebrating electronic musical tropes while giving them fresh and precocious new packaging. (CA/QC) operates as a collective of artists based in Montréal (Tio'tia:ke). Founded in 2015 by Milo Reinhardt (/||\||\) and Teodoro Zamudio, has since expanded to include Cat Lamoureux (Valeda) and Xavier Arocha (Witnessing). Their creative endeavours span the converging spheres of music, digital art, performance, sound design, and projection mapping. Responses to gendered violence and personal trauma, technological dependencies, border politics and Digital Death are at the core of their recent performances and online releases.

Presented with the support of The Conseil des arts et des lettres du Québec.

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Consult the full MUTEK.SF program here

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