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Montréal, diciembre 04, 2019
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MUTEKLIVE212 - Joni Void & Sonya Stefan

Mise en Abyme
Play 2 - August 23, 2019
Mastered by @pheek (

Who: Montréal-based French/British producer Jean Cousin, also known as Johnny Ripper, and Montréal-based visual artist Sonya Stefan

Style: Collaged sound samples and plunderphonic electronica, industrial beats under calming melodies, computer voiced poetry and old tech-found sounds

Labels: Constellation Records @constellation-records

Latest: Mise en Abyme (2019), Selfless (2018)

More: Cousin runs digital creative platform Everyday Ago. Sonya Stefan also curates at Lux Magna, a festival created by women and non-binary folks

Sonya Stefan appears as part of Amplify initiative, leads by the British Council, MUTEK and Somerset House Studios, with the support of Canada Council for the Arts.

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