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Mexico, abril 16, 2019
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MUTEKLIVE198 - Kazuya Nagaya & Florence To

Kazuya Nagaya & Florence To (JP+UK)

Wednesday November 21, 2018 – Mexico City

Who : Japanese artist Kazuya Nagaya, and multimedia artist Florence To
Style: Ambient, Soundscapes, Installation, Sound Art
Latest: Ambr, new performance, premiere at MUTEK.MX

The performance, Ambr, begins with 445 rins (traditional Japanese bowl-shaped instruments) in a circular arrangement on the floor, to present an intense, elegant reverberation, with electronic processes guided by composer Kazuya Nagaya. For the first time, and as a premiere for MUTEK.MX, the performance will feature lighting and visuals by the artist Florence To, to delve still further into the Buddhist rituals and altars that inspired the work.

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